About Us

MATRIX is a residential research institute for the mathematical sciences in Australia.

Bringing brilliant and creative minds together at residential research institutes world wide is the optimal way to deepen mathematical knowledge, initiate collaborations and stimulate innovative thinking.

MATRIX started as an initiative in 2015 born out of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Mathematical and Statistical Frontiers (ACEMS) as a foundational partner. It was soon after launched in 2016 as a two-way partnership between The University of Melbourne and Monash University.

Based on a shared desire to build Australia’s strength and position in the mathematical sciences, the Australian National University (ANU) joined Monash University and The University of Melbourne in 2020 as a MATRIX partner. The University of Queensland is an associate member.

MATRIX provides a central venue where mathematical scientists can collaborate in a unique Australian landscape.

MATRIX House is located in Creswick, 90 minutes to the west of Melbourne, an inspiring environment for creative thinking.

Our research programs are designed so that researchers have ample unstructured time to stimulate discussions and out-of-the-box thinking to further develop knowledge in the mathematical sciences as well as on specific questions that mathematics can help resolve.

Since 2016, MATRIX has stimulated international collaborations through 100 weeks of residential research programs across the spectrum of the mathematical sciences, attracting over 1300 scientists from 40 countries.

MATRIX has hosted research programs in a wide range of pure and applied research areas including infectious diseases; data science; quantum systems; geometry; probability; discrete mathematics; representation theory; mathematics of risk; and high dimensional computing.

MATRIX also hosts an international online seminar series featuring high profile speakers, online PhD student symposia, and co-ordinates the mathematical outreach program MathsCraft for school teachers and students.