MATRIX Book Series

The MATRIX Book Series, published by Springer, documents scientific activities at MATRIX. All participants from MATRIX research programs are invited to contribute articles to the series.

The MATRIX Annals are indexed by MathSciNet and zbMATH


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Professor David R. Wood (Editor-in-Chief, 2016-)
Professor Alison Etheridge (2023-)
Professor Nalini Joshi (2023-)
Professor Jan de Gier (2016-)
Professor Cheryl E. Praeger (2016-2022)
Professor Terence Tao (2016-2020)

For Authors and Guest-Editors

Please follow these guidelines, and prepare manuscripts using Springer’s svmult.cls style file and spmpsci.bst bibliography style file. See SpringerReferenceGuide.pdf for detailed instructions about these styles. See AuthorInstructions.pdf, and see AuthorSample.tex and AuthorSample.pdf for a sample LaTeX file. All these files are available in a single tar file.

PhD students:

  • participating in a MATRIX Research program are welcome to submit articles to the nominated guest editor for consideration to be published in the MATRIX Annals, following the guidelines above;
  • participating in MATRIX-AMSI PhD Student Research Symposia may submit an article to the nominated guest editor for inclusion in the MATRIX Annals unrefereed section only;
  • are ineligible to be MATRIX Annals guest editors.