MATRIX in the Media

Maths missing out
Stephen Matchett
Campus Morning Mail
8 April 2022

AMSI-MATRIX Report: Research Investment and Expenditure into the Mathematical Sciences
Jan de Gier, Maaike Wienk, Tom Keegan
5 April 2022

A retreat to nature that stimulates new mathemtical thinking
The University of Melbourne, Research
4 January 2022

If Australia wants innovation it should value expertise more highly
Jan de Gier
The Australian
17 December 2021

Maths at MATRIX
What does mathematical research look like? If you visit Australia’s residential mathematics research institute, you might be surprised by what you see. In this episode, ACEMS’ explores the importance of mathematics research, how it’s doen, and the unique environment MATRIX provides for mathematicians to make their research happen.
Host: Dr Marcy Robertson (Senior Lecturer, The University of Melbourne)
Guest: Prof. Jan de Gier (Director, MATRIX)
ACEMS Podcast
19 October 2021

Halfway mark for maths policy
Campus Morning Mail

21 May 2021

Math and way more math
Campus Morning Mail
12 May 2021

Women leading the way in a first for residential research in Australia
MATRIX is delighted to host Australia’s first all-women residential research program in the mathematical sciences. This research program, titled:Women in Geometry, Analysis and Topology, is led by Julie Clutterbuck (Monash University), Melissa Tacy (University of Auckland) and Vanessa Robins (The Australian National University).
Mirage News
11 May 2021

Corridor of cash for MATRIX
MATRIX is pleased to announce the award of US$600,000 over three years in funding from the US based Simons Foundation through its Targeted Grants to Institutes program to support fundamental research in the mathematical sciences, a clear recognition of MATRIX as the main infrastructure for mathematical sciences research collaboration in Australia and the Asia-Pacific. The Simons Foundation was established by Jim Simons who is the founder of the hedge fund Renaissance Technologies which manages the world’s most successful investment fund Medallion.
Campus Morning Mail
2 February 2021

Braintstorming MATRIX wins $US600,000 mathematics grant
Jill Rowbotham
The Australian
2 February 2021

Major sum adds up to even better maths thinking
Mirage News
1 February 2021

MATRIX mathematical research partnership expands
MATRIX is delighted to announce that The Australian National University has joined Monash University and The University of Melbourne in a three-way partnership.
3 September 2020