MATRIX Minor Programs

MATRIX offers the opportunity to hold MATRIX minor programs by bringing small groups of researchers together for a week in Creswick for research collaboration.

Support is given to groups that have an ongoing project, typically in the final stages of completion (e.g. writing up a paper), that come together in an environment where they can intensely work on the project, away from the usual distractions at their home institutes.

Groups will have access to:

  • collaboration space in MATRIX House with individual desks, printing facilities, stationery, tea and coffee supplies
  • other meeting spaces (if required)
  • on-campus accommodation and meals

On-campus accommodation and catering

MATRIX will fund up to five  nights accommodation on-campus, as well as continental breakfast (Mon-Fri) and dinner (Mon-Fri) for up to three researchers, per MATRIX minor program. One of the three researchers may be a PhD student.

Additional researchers (beyond three) need to be fully self-funded but can be accommodated subject to availability and have access to breakfasts and dinners.

Longer stays, beyond five nights (funded by participants), might be possible depending on availability.


  • On-campus catering is only available if the campus-caterer is catering for other groups on-campus at the same time.
  • Off-campus accommodation costs for eligible participants will be subsidised by MATRIX at the on-campus rate per night (up to five nights in total).
  • Eligible participants residing off-campus may access the on-campus catering if available. If on-campus catering is not available a reimbursement of up to $75 per day (up to five (5) days) may be sought (with receipts) for meals expenses.


Reimbursement of travel costs for up to three (3) participants per minor program is limited to participants from the MATRIX partner institutions (i.e. The Australian National University, Monash University and The University of Melbourne).

MATRIX will provide the following funding support (per minor program) for up to three participants:

  • Domestic (return) airfare (Canberra-Melbourne) (applies to ANU participants only)
  • Bus/train/maxi-taxi transfer from Melbourne-Creswick (return) airport/CBD

Expression of interest (EOI) submission guidelines

Please prepare your EOI (one page maximum) in line with the format outlined below.

Submit EOI at:

EOIs may be sent to the MATRIX Office at any time.

Minor program participant names; including:

  • affiliated organisation
  • email address

Proposed dates

Please indicate two sets of dates, first and second preferred.

The planning calendar of scheduled MATRIX research programs/workshops will aid you.

On-campus accommodation is managed by Creswick Residential Services and subject to availability. The MATRIX Programs Coordinator will support you with your booking, based on your proposed dates.


 Provide a brief summary of what the minor program is about, its goals and objectives.

MATRIX Annals 

The MATRIX Annals is a book of papers related to research programs held at MATRIX

Participants of each MATRIX minor program are required to submit a brief summary of the outcomes of the program to be showcased in the MATRIX Annals.

All EOIs will be reviewed for scientific quality by the MATRIX Executive. The Executive generally meet on a fortnightly basis.

The outcome of your EOI will be communicated to you by the Programs Coordinator following the Executive meeting.

Code of Conduct

MATRIX highly values professional behaviour, where everyone is treated with respect and courtesy.

Further information is available from The University of Melbourne, on whose Creswick campus MATRIX events are hosted:

MATRIX Contacts

If you have any questions, please contact the MATRIX Office via email at