MATRIX minor programs

MATRIX facilities are available all year-round for self-funded, informal, small group collaborations. MATRIX Minor Programs are encouraged during off-peak times. Informal expressions of interest may be sent directly to the MATRIX Director at any time of the year.

MATRIX Minor Program Guidelines:

  • Please consult the MATRIX website to avoid clashes with other MATRIX programs.
  • MATRIX Minor Programs are largely self-funded.

MATRIX will support:

  • Registration for your program via the MATRIX website.
  • Webpage management.
  • Use of conference/workshop facilities and dedicated IT support including WiFi access.
  • Use of collaboration space with individual desks, printing facilities, stationery, tea and coffee supplies.
  • Administrative support (e.g. : assistance with on-site accommodation and catering arrangements).
  • Ballarat (Train) Station to Creswick transfers at the commencement and conclusion of your program.