In general MATRIX provides:

  • conference/workshop/meeting facilities;roo2
  • collaboration/office space including individual desks for up to 20 participants;
  • dedicated IT and Administrative support staff;
  • basic on-site accommodation for up to 20 participants per day of the program;
  • on-site meals; and
  • transportation from Creswick  to Melbourne.

The activities of MATRIX will take place on the Creswick campus of The University of Melbourne.

The campus offers basic but very adequate college rooms with a wash basin and desk but otherwise shared facilities.

Use of the on-site accommodation is strongly encouraged but there is alternative accommodation available in the town of Creswick, and other accommodation can be found in the neighbouring towns of Ballarat and Daylesford, both of which are popular weekend getaways for Melburnians.

MATRIX will fund these (more expensive) options up to the equivalent of the on-site accommodation. MATRIX staff will assist in booking off-site accommodation and arranging a transport service to and from the campus. Accommodation options are listed here.

Please note that the grounds of the campus and all facilities are non-smoking.

MATRIX House Research Facilities 

IMG_0030  IMG_0117  IMG_0040

IMG_0104  IMG_0095  coffee

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Lecture and Work Spaces

lecture  Library  IMG_0028

Other Facilities

gym    rec creswick-campus-facilities-and-accommodation-flyer-201503

Creswick Campus of The University of Melbourne