National Science Week – Maths Documentaries

Joy Lukman

  • 16 Aug 2021 - 18 Aug 2021
    4:30 pm - 9:00 pm

MATRIX invites you to join us during National Science Week 2021, for free screenings of the following documentaries that celebrate the wonders of the mathematical sciences.

Ekaterina Eremenko is the creator and Director of the three films “Math Circles Around The World”, “Colors of Maths”, and “The Discrete Charm of Geometry”.

She graduated with Honours from Moscow State University, Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics and from the Film Directing Department of the Moscow State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK).

Ekaterina is currently working on finding new formats for popularising mathematics and mathematicians.

The films “Math Circles Around the World” and “The Discrete Charm of Geometry” were produced in the framework of the Collaborative Research Centre “Discretisation in Geometry and Dynamics”.

Math Circles Around The World

Documentary film by Ekaterina Eremenko

16 August 2021, 16.30 AEST (Melbourne)

Every week, hundreds of children in different cities of the world meet to solve complex problems. Who they are, why they do it and how, in the movie “Math Circles Around the World”.

Target audience: school-age children and young adults (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary students), school teachers, and parents/guardians. The general public may also find the film very interesting.

The film has been produced in collaboration with:

  • Math Circle at TU Berlin (Germany)
  • Mathematical Pupils’ Society “Leonard Euler” Berlin (Germany)
  • Berkeley Math Circle (USA)
  • We Solve Problems (UK)
  • Moscow Center for Continuous Mathematical Education (Russia)

Watch trailer here:

Hosts: Prof. Jan de Gier (Director, MATRIX) and Dr Yang Shi (Flinders University)
Guest speaker (Q&A post-screening): Ekaterina Eremenko (Film Director)

Secrets of The Surface – The Mathematical Vision of Maryam Mirzakhani

Documentary film by George Csicsery

16 August 2021, 19.30 AEST (Melbourne)

Filmed in Canada, Iran, and the United States, Secrets of the Surface: The Mathematical Vision of Maryam Mirzakhani examines the life and mathematical work of Maryam Mirzakhani, an Iranian immigrant to the United States who became a superstar in her field. In 2014, she was both the first woman and the first Iranian to be honored by mathematics’ highest prize, the Fields Medal.

Mirzakhani’s contributions are explained in the film by leading mathematicians and illustrated by animated sequences. Her mathematical colleagues from around the world, as well as former teachers, classmates, and students in Iran today, convey the deep impact of her achievements. The path of her education, success on Iran’s Math Olympiad team, and her brilliant work, make Mirzakhani an ideal role model for girls looking toward careers in science and mathematics.

Watch trailer here:

Colors of Math

Documentary film by Ekaterina Eremenko

17 August 2021, 19.30 AEST (Melbourne)

To most people math appears abstract, mysterious, complicated, inaccessible. But math is nothing but a different language to express the world. Math can be sensual. Math can be tasted, it smells, it creates sound and color. One can touch it – and be touched by it…

See mathematics through the eyes of contemporary mathematicians and get a glimpse into their view on the world. The movie features some of the most well-known living mathematicians of our time: Cédric Villani • Anatoly Fomenko • Aaditya V. Rangan • Günter M. Ziegler • Jean-Michel Bismut • Maxim Kontsevich

Watch trailer here:

Hosts: Prof. Jan de Gier (Director, MATRIX) and Dr Yang Shi (Flinders University)
Guest speaker (Q&A post-screening): Ekaterina Eremenko (Film Director)

The Discrete Charm of Geometry

Documentary film by Ekaterina Eremenko

18 August 2021, 19.30 AEST (Melbourne)

A team of mathematicians is working together on a big project. Excitement of discovery, hope and disappointment, competition and recognition are shown from an infinitely close distance. Scientists united by the idea of discretization, which, in short, means: constructing continuous objects from basic building blocks. Akin to the scientists’ search for the right discretization of continuum, this film itself is composed of fragments – individual characters of different ages, temperaments and scientific approaches – which form a single continuous melody. The question of where the boundaries lie between mathematics and the lives of those who are involved in it and how much they are willing to sacrifice is as important as the search for precise scientific answers. A unique and unprecedented dive into the unknown world of mathematicians.

Watch trailer here:

Hosts: Prof. Jan de Gier (Director, MATRIX) and Dr Yang Shi (Flinders University)
Guest speaker (Q&A post-screening): Ekaterina Eremenko (Film Director)

  • Register once and select the documentary/ies you’d like to join.
  • Registration closes on Monday, 16 August @ 09.00 AEST (Melbourne Time)
  • Zoom link to the online screening will be emailed to registrants within 24 hours before the screening time