Instabilities of Flows in Porous Media

David Wood

  •  3 Apr 2024 - 20 Apr 2024
     8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Anja Slim (Monash University)
Scott McCue (Queensland University of Technology)
Edward Hinton (University of Melbourne)
Anne De Wit (Universite libre de Bruxelles)

Program Description:
Instabilities in porous media are key to many environmental and engineering challenges. This research program will bring together Australian and international experts from a broad range of backgrounds to tackle these applied mathematical problems. The first week will consist of a lecture series by the five invited experts. A prominent feature of the program will be the participating graduate researchers. They will be encouraged to interact closely with the speakers during the first week, which will highlight and expound some of the major open questions in the mathematical modelling of instabilities in porous media. The remaining two weeks of the program will focus on short research projects carried out by graduate researchers with intensive supervision by the academics. The aims are to make significant research progress, launch fruitful collaborations and potentially set up future international postdoctoral positions for the graduate researchers.

Program Structure:

Participant List:
Anne de Wit (Université libre de Bruxelles)
Duncan Hewitt (University of Cambridge)
Laurence Rongy (Université libre de Bruxelles)
Antoinette Tordesillas (University of Melbourne)
Andrew Woods (University of Cambridge)
Edward Hinton (University of Melbourne)
Scott McCue (Queensland University of Technology)
Anja Slim (Monash University)
Marc Hesse (University of Texas at Austin)
Douglas Brumley (University of Melbourne)
Michael Dallaston (Queensland University of Technology)
Chris Green (CSIRO)
Daniel Lester (RMIT University)
Natalie Thamwattana (University of Newcastle)
Yvonne Stokes (University of Adelaide)
Zhongzheng Wang (Queensland University of Technology)
Draga Pihler-Puzović (University of Manchester)
Sylvain Kabbadj (Université libre de Bruxelles)
Lehan Chen (University of Technology Sydney)
Emily Chen (Princeton University)
Emma Lepinay (University of Cambridge)
Andres Rubiano Martinez (Monash University)
Rodney Dharma (University of Melbourne)
Nitay Ben Shachar (University of Melbourne)
Fiaz Ur Rehman (Monash University)
Matthew James Walker (University of Melbourne)
Guy Metcalfe (Swinburne University of Technology)
Chandra Shekara G (BMS College of Engineering)


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  • Arrival date: 2 April 2024
  • Departure date: 20 April 2024

MATRIX Wine and Cheese Afternoon 9 April 2024
On the first Tuesday of each program, MATRIX provides a pre-dinner wine and cheese afternoon. Produce is locally-sourced to showcase delicacies from the region.