MATRIX-MFO Tandem Workshop: Rough Wave Equations

David Wood

  •  13 Sep 2021 - 18 Sep 2021
     8:00 am - 10:00 am

Zihua Guo (Monash University)
Andrew Hassell (Australian National University)
Pierre Portal (Australian National University)
Po Lam Yung (Australian National University)
Dorothee Frey (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)
Jan Rozendaal (Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences)

Program Description:
The consideration of wave propagation in inhomogeneous media or the modelling of nonlinear wave phenomena often requires the study of wave equations with low regularity data and/or coefficients. Several Australian-European collaborations have recently successfully brought new insight into the analytical understanding of rough wave equations. Our tandem workshop will provide a platform for such collaborations and bring together leading experts as well as early career researchers on the topic. This includes experts on microlocal analysis, harmonic analysis, spectral theory and geometric analysis. The workshop will focus on collaboration and technical knowledge exchange on topics such as Strichartz estimates, local smoothing, Hardy spaces for Fourier integral operators, wave packets, and nonlinear wave equations such as the Zakharov system.

Talk List:

Pierre Portal Fixed time $L^p$ estimates for certain wave equations with rough coefficients
Po Lam Yung The local smoothing conjecture for the wave equation: a survey
Jan Rozendaal Local smoothing and Hardy spaces for Fourier integral operators
Zihua Guo Decay of solutions to the energy critical nonlinear Schrodinger and wave equation
Andrew Hassell Wave equations with rough coefficients and regularity in Hardy spaces for Fourier integral operators
Melissa Tacy Intersections between mircolocal, semiclassical and harmonic analysis
Alessio Martini Spectral multipliers and wave equation for sub-Laplacians
Sebastian Herr Nonlinear Dirac Equations
Himani Sharma Spectral multiplier estimates for abstract differential operators
Robert Schippa Quasilinear Maxwell equations
David Rule Boundedness of multilinear oscillatory integral operators in local Hardy spaces
Adam Sikora Quantum separation effect
Michael Cowling Characterising Hardy spaces
Antoine Gansemer Possible exact Egorov theorem on hyperbolic surfaces
Xuan Duong BMO spaces on non-doubling manifolds with ends
Timothy Candy The transference principle and bilinear restriction estimates
Volker Schlue Scattering from infinity for semi-linear wave equations with weak null condition
Marina Iliopoulou Sharp L^p estimates for oscillatory integral operators of according to signature

Online Participant List:
1. Timothy Candy (University of Otago)
2. Michael G. Cowling (University of New South Wales)
3. Xuan Duong (Macquarie University)
4. Dorothee Frey (Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT))
5. Antoine Gansemer (Australian National University)
6. Sean Gomes (Australian National University)
7. Zihua Guo (Monash University)
8. Sean Harris (Australian National University)
9. Andrew Hassell (Australian National University)
10. Sebastian Herr (Universität Bielefeld)
11. Marina Iliopoulou (University of Kent, UNITED KINGDOM)
12. Alessio Martini (The University of Birmingham Edgbaston)
13. Yonas Mesfun (Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT))
14. Detlef Müller (Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel)
15. Pierre Portal (Australian National University)
16. Jan Rozendaal (Polish Academy of Sciences)
17. David Rule (Linköping University SWEDEN)
18. Robert Schippa (Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT))
19. Volker Schlue (The University of Melbourne)
20. Himani Sharma (Australian National University)
21. Adam B. Sikora (Macquarie University)
22. Melissa Tacy (The University of Auckland Auckland)
23. Po-Lam Yung (Australian National University)