MATRIX Seminar – Professor Bhargav Bhatt

David Wood

  • Tuesday
     1 Mar 2022
     10:00 am - 11:00 am


Event Time:
Tuesday, 1 March @ 1000 (AEDT) (Melbourne)
Tuesday, 1 March @ 0700 (CST) (Beijing)
Tuesday, 1 March @ 0430 (IST) (New Delhi)
Monday, 28 February @ 2300 (GMT) (London)
Monday, 28 February @ 1500 (PST) (Los Angeles)
Monday, 28 February @ 1800 (EST) (Ann Arbor)

Presenter: Professor Bhargav Bhatt, Michigan

Bhargav is a Professor at the University of Michigan working in the field of algebraic geometry and related areas. In 2021 Bhargav received the New Horizons in Mathematics Prize for outstanding work in commutative algebra and arithmetic algebraic geometry, particularly on the development of p-adic cohomology theories.

Biography: Michigan & Wikipedia

Title:  Algebraic geometry in mixed characteristic

Abstract: Fix a prime number p. The last decade has witnessed multiple foundational advances in algebraic geometry over rings that are p-adically complete (especially in the context of p-adic Hodge theory). This has led to applications in — and in fact new connections between — several different areas of mathematics where p-adic completions appear. In this talk, I will survey some of this landscape.

Structure: 45 minutes seminar with 15 minutes question time

Seminar Recording
Please click here for the recording of the webinar