Nijenhuis Geometry and Integrable Systems II

David Wood

  •  18 Feb 2024 - 23 Feb 2024
     8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Emma Carberry (University of Sydney)
Holger Dullin (University of Sydney)
Charalambos A. Evripidou (University of Cyprus)
Peter van der Kamp (La Trobe University)
Vladimir Matveev (Universität Jena)
Jing Ping Wang (University of Kent)

Program Description:
The Nijenhuis geometry project, initiated by Alexey Bolsinov and Vladimir Matveev, is aimed at re-directing the research agenda in Nijenhuis geometry from local analysis at generic points to studying singularities and global properties, as it already happened in other areas of geometry. A very stimulating example in this context is Poisson Geometry. Having its origin in classical works of Poisson and Jacobi, this area of mathematics for many decades remained just an instrument for Hamiltonian and quantum mechanics. The situation dramatically changed in 70-80th of the last century when two papers by A. Lichnerowicz and A.Weinstein revealed the importance of singularities and non-local properties of Poisson structures and this change of focus from local theory to studying singularities and global properties was a turning point. Poisson geometry which previously was simply a supportive tool for theoretical and quantum mechanics, became a separate science, and the mathematical developments within this area found new interesting applications in differential geometry and mathematical physics. That is the reason for our optimism in view of further research prospects for Nijenhuis Geometry.

This research program is a continuation of an SMRI-MATRIX research symposium which took place in hybrid mode in February 2022 (7.2 – 11.2 SMRI & 14.2 – 18.2.2022 MATRIX). It will bring together researchers involved in the previous hybrid symposium to meet in person.

During the first week of the 2022-symposium the Co-chairs (Matveev and Bolsinov) gave two introductory talks each. In addition, they pre-recorded a series of lectures on Nijenhuis geometry specifically targeted at ECRs and designed to prepare the participants to the problem solving sessions. Everything is available on and can be used for the preparation to the 2024 symposium. The Co-Chairs will pre-record additional lecture(s) with most recent developments in the Nijenhuis geometry which also will be made available online.

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Program Structure:

  • Arrival day/date: Saturday, 17 February 2024

Participant List:
Holger Dullin (University of Sydney)
Peter Van der Kamp (La Trobe University)
Vladimir Matveev (Friedrich Schiller University Jena)
Yury Nikolaevsky (La Trobe University)
Andrey Konyaev (Lomonosov Moscow State University)
Jonathan Kress (University of New South Wales)
Andreas Vollmer (University of Hamburg)
Konrad Schöbel (HTWK University of Applied Sciences Leipzig)
Nathan Duignan (University of Sydney)
Michael Eastwood (University of Adelaide)
Manuel Quaschner (Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena)
Pierandrea Vergallo (University of Milano)
Sara Perletti (Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca)
Dinmukhammed Akpan (Lomonosov Moscow State University)
Evgenii Antonov (Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena)
Ian Marquette (La Trobe University)
Damien Mcleod (University of Sydney)
Serena Scapucci (University of Milano)
Owen Dearricott (La Trobe University)

MATRIX Wine and Cheese Afternoon 20 February 2024
On the first Tuesday of each program, MATRIX provides a pre-dinner wine and cheese afternoon. Produce is locally-sourced to showcase delicacies from the region.

This research program is organised in partnership with MATRIX and the Clay Mathematics Institute.