Online Seminar – August 2021 – Professor Ole Warnaar

David Wood

  • Thursday
     5 Aug 2021
     10:00 am - 11:00 am

Event Time:
Thursday, 5 August @ 1000 (AEST) (Melbourne)
Thursday, 5 August @ 0800 (CST) (Beijing, China)
Thursday, 5 August @ 0530 (IST) (New Delhi, India)
Thursday, 5 August @ 0100 (BST) (London)
Wednesday, 4 August @ 2000 (EDT) (New York)
Wednesday, 4 August @ 1700 (PDT) (Seattle)

Presenter: Prof. Ole Warnaar, The University of Queensland

Biography: The University of Queensland

Title: Plane partitions

Abstract: Plane partitions are a two-dimensional generalisation of integer partitions. There are many beautiful formulae for the enumeration of plane partitions which reveal a close connection to the representation theory of classical groups and infinite dimensional Lie algebras. I will try to explain some of these connections in a way that is accessible to the non-expert. If time permits, I will end my talk describing a number of recent conjectures concerning an affine analogue of plane partitions.

Structure: 45 minutes seminar with 15 minutes question time

Seminar Recording:

Please click here for the recording of the webinar