Online Seminar – December 2021 – Professor Jordan Ellenberg

David Wood

  • Wednesday
     15 Dec 2021
     10:00 am - 11:00 am

Event Time:
Wednesday, 15 December @ 1000 (AEDT) (Melbourne)
Wednesday, 15 December @ 0700 (CST) (Beijing)
Wednesday, 15 December @ 0430 (IST) (New Delhi)
Tuesday, 14 December @ 2300 (GMT) (London)
Tuesday, 14 December @ 1500 (PST) (Los Angeles)
Tuesday, 14 December @ 1700 (CST) (Madison)

Presenter: Prof. Jordan Ellenberg, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Biography: University of Wisconsin–Madison & Wikipedia

Title: Upper Bounds for Rational Points

Description: The question “what are the solutions in rational numbers to an algebraic equation?” is the one that drives the subject of Diophantine geometry, and has for centuries. It is much, much too hard. So instead one might ask: “how many solutions does an algebraic equation have?” Still too hard. One might thus be willing to settle for “Are there good upper bounds for the number of solutions an algebraic equation have?” and here at last there are some good general results. I’ll talk about what is known, with special attention to the distinction between uniform results (those with no dependence, or minimal dependence, on the particular equation at issue) and non-uniform results (which depend strongly on the arithmetic properties of the individual equation), and will close with a new result (joint with Brian Lawrence and Akshay Venkatesh) showing that there are in a sense “very few” hypersurfaces in projective space whose determinant takes a fixed integer value — a non-uniform bound which uses in a critical way the existence of uniform bounds developed in the last twenty years.

Structure: 45 minutes seminar with 15 minutes question time

Seminar Recording:

Please click here for the recording of the seminar.