Online Seminar – June 2021 – Professor Mathai Varghese

David Wood

  •  1 Jun 2021
     11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Event Time:
Tuesday, 1 June @ 1100 (AEST) (Melbourne)
Tuesday, 1 June @ 1030 (ACST) (Adelaide)
Tuesday, 1 June @ 0900 (CST) (Beijing, China)
Tuesday, 1 June @ 0630 (IST) (New Delhi, India)
Tuesday, 1 June @ 0200 (GMT) (London)
Monday, 31 May @ 2100 (EST) (New York)
Monday, 31 May @ 1800 (PST) (Seattle)

Presenter: Prof. Mathai Varghese, The University of Adelaide

Biography: The University of Adelaide & Wikipedia

Title: Index Theorem for Projective Families

Description: I will talk about projective families index theory, initially done in collaboration with Isadore Singer and with Richard Melrose. It generalises the Atiyah-Singer index theorem which has a myriad of applications. The recent result uses “small” bundle gerbes, and I will discuss the existence of small bundle gerbes, especially on 3-manifolds. This most recent theorem is work in progress with Richard Melrose.

Structure: 45 minutes seminar with 15 minutes question time

Seminar Recording & Slides:

Please click here for the recording of the webinar