PhD Student Symposium: Spatial and Temporal Statistics

David Wood

  •  17 Feb 2021 - 19 Feb 2021
     10:30 am - 4:00 pm

Laura Cartwright (University of Wollongong)
Quan Vu (University of Wollongong)

The Spatial and Temporal Statistics Symposium (STSS) will have a focus on spatial, temporal, and/or spatio-temporal applications of statistics. This field of statistics involves analysis of spatial, temporal, and/or spatio-temporal data, which arise in applications in various disciplines, such as environmental sciences, engineering, ecology, epidemiology, and economics. The symposium is open for Honours, Masters, PhD students, academic researchers, and industry professionals, and will have a focus on research students. The schedule will consist of participant-delivered talks organised by themes (e.g., methodology and case studies), along with keynotes, industry talks, mini tutorials, and an open discussion session. The STSS will allow students from many different backgrounds to come together and discuss the similarities, differences, ideas, and innovations surrounding how spatio-temporal statistics can be used in their research.

The symposium mainly focuses on the development and collaboration between PhD students in spatial and temporal statistics. Specifically, the goal of the symposium is to:

  • Discuss recent developments in methodology and applications in spatial and temporal statistics
  • Encourage conversation and collaboration between PhD students in the field of spatial and temporal statistics
  • Support career development for PhD students

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Further information:

Keynote Speakers:

Distinguished Professor Noel Cressie
University of Wollongong
Professor Sally Cripps
University of Sydney

Invited Speakers:

Doctor Susanna Cramb,
Queensland University of Technology
Doctor Andrew Feitz
Geoscience, Australia
Professor Joe Guinness,
Cornell University
Doctor Dorit Hammerling,
Colorado School of Mines
Doctor Francis Hui,
Australian National University
Doctor Petra Kuhnert,


Doctor Michael Bertolacci,
University of Wollongong
Doctor Andrew Zammit Mangion,
University of Wollongong     

Program Structure:
Please click here for program and abstracts.

The tentative schedule is as follows (subject to change) – please click to expand
All times are in AEDT (Sydney/Melbourne time)

Abstract submission is now closed.
We would like to invite students doing research in spatial and temporal statistics to give 20-minute contributed talks.

Some of the relevant topics are listed below:

  • Methods for spatial and temporal data: e.g., geostatistics, point patterns, time series, etc.
  • Applications using spatial and temporal statistics: e.g., applications in environmental sciences, ecology, economics, etc.


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This symposium is supported by MATRIX and AMSI.
To support post-symposium research collaboration between PhD student participants, MATRIX-AMSI are providing funding through the MATRIX-AMSI PhD Student Research Collaboration Scheme