Statistical Methods in Data Science

Joy Lukman

  • 8 December 2019 - 13 December 2019
    8:00 am - 2:00 pm

Organisers: Inge Koch (University of Western Australia), Karim Seghouane (University of Melbourne), Aurore Delaigle (University of Melbourne), James Ramsay (The University of McGill).

Program Description: The aim of this workshop is to re-focus on statistical methods and collaborative research on the proposed topics, with an emphasis on initiating research collaborations on statistics applicable to large and complex data, including high-dimensional low sample size or functional data and complex data structures. Statisticians from Australia, USA, and Switzerland whose research covers the four topics below will contribute to this workshop through research talks, and by collaborating on advancing current research in these areas.
Topic 1: Bayesian methods;
Topic 2: Data/dimension reduction and feature extraction;
Topic 3: Robust methods and sparsity; and
Topic 4: Functional data and object data analysis

The expected outcome of the workshop is to increase and share statistical research within the
Australian community and international researchers, increase the pool of potential collaborators with
different expertise with the long term aim of increasing interdisciplinary collaboration across
universities, with computer science and data domain researchers and initiating new (international)
collaborations with industry partners with a view to ARC and linkage grant applications.

Program Structure: TBD


  • Deadline: 7 October 2019
  • Registration is by invitation only



MATRIX Wine and Cheese Afternoon 10 December 2019
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