Call for Research Programs – Guidelines

Please submit your proposal and/or EOI, in line with the research programs guidelines below, in the Research Programs – Proposals/EOIs submission page.

Aims of MATRIX

  • Host advanced level, research-intensive programs in the mathematical sciences.
  • Provide an intellectual and stimulating environment that supports collaboration.
  • Encourage interaction between mathematical scientists in industry and academia, and increase the impact of mathematical and statistical research.
  • Encourage the participation of students, early career researchers, and female mathematicians.
  • Support the Australian and international mathematical sciences research community in Australia.

MATRIX Proposal Guidelines

Program name Please state the title of your program
Program organisers:
  • Amongst the organising group, there must be one international and one Australian based researcher in the mathematical sciences.
  • Please include each organiser’s details (affiliated university and email address).
  • Aim for gender diversity amongst the organising group. Please comment on reasons for any imbalance. AustMS is able to provide a list of female mathematicians in particular fields of interest for their inclusion as program organisers and/or program participants.
Proposed dates for your program:   Please indicate two sets of dates, first and second preferred.
  • It is advisable that organisers check the MATRIX programs webpage for timelines prior to submitting proposals.
  • Applicants who submit proposals in similar areas may be requested to merge proposals and/or to explore cross‐collaboration between the two communities.
  • It is advisable that all organisers be ‘on‐site’ for the duration of the program.
Abstract:  Please limit the abstract to 300 words.
  • Organisers should consider the aims of MATRIX in their program abstract.
Research Program: Please indicate background, goals and outcome of the program.
  • Make clear what the goal/objective of the program is, this will therefore influence the choice of participants.
  • Proposals will need to align with and address some, or all, of the aims of MATRIX.
  • It is important to present a clear and detailed outline of the proposed research program that will be conducted at MATRIX. A proposal describes the scientific background as well as its scientific goals and anticipated outcomes. It includes, for example:
    • the international context of the field of research,
    • the timeliness and substance of the proposed research program,
    • potential for impact and lively interaction; and
    • the opportunity for interaction with industry and/or overseas researchers.
  • These are just examples. A convincing proposal makes a good case for the proposed research program. Excellence is one of the main selection criteria.
  • Please limit the research program description to 500 words.
Key Speakers:
  • Include full name and a biography of each key speaker.
  • Comment on the balance in this list relative to gender, affiliation, Australian vs International speakers, breadth of discipline within the theme of the program. Please comment on reasons for any major imbalance.
  • Please limit this section to 400 words.
Participant List:
  • Please include short biographies (or links) of the proposed key participants (the proposal needs to identify senior researchers and details of their time commitment at MATRIX).
  • Comment on the balance in this list relative to gender, affiliation, Australian vs International speakers, breadth of discipline within the theme of the program. Please comment on reasons for any major imbalance.
  • It is preferred that the list is grouped into sections: highly desirable, desirable and reserve with respect to gender and career stage and with confirmation of key participants and intended time of visit (where possible).
Structure of program:
  • Programs run from 1 – 4 weeks, with up to 20 participants at any one time.
  • Programs usually contain a focus week in which a conference or workshop is held with a larger number of participants. Some programs may contain advanced‐level short courses or postgraduate lecture series.
  • It is advisable that 70% of time ideally be devoted to informal research collaboration, leaving remaining time for workshops/lectures.
  • Please comment on the balance between time for informal research collaboration and time for workshops/lectures. Please comment on reasons for any major deviation from the preferred target.
MATRIX Annals: The MATRIX Annals is a book of papers related to research programs held at MATRIX; see for more details. The organisers of each MATRIX program are required to appoint a guest editor who will encourage participants to submit papers, organise appropriate refereeing, and ensure the scientific quality of accepted papers.
Will there be a conference component? If yes, please state number of days.
Total length of program/conference:  Please state total length of program (including any embedded conference/workshop)
Program budget:
  • Please consider the factors below when drafting your budget.
  • Please limit this section to 300 words.

On Campus Accommodation and Catering

  • MATRIX will fund on‐site accommodation and catering – continental breakfast (Monday to Sunday) and dinner (Monday to Friday) for 20 participants. If organisers wish to invite more than 20 participants, program organisers will need to arrange funding.


  • MATRIX will provide the cost of one shuttle bus for the day prior to the commencement of the program to collect participants from Ballarat (Train) Station for transfer to the Creswick Campus.
  • MATRIX will provide the cost of one coach on the last day of the program, to transfer participants from the Creswick Campus to Melbourne (Tullamarine) Airport with a final stop at Southern Cross Station (Melbourne CBD).

Family Fund

  • MATRIX offers a ‘Family Fund’ for those who require family accommodation and/or child care services.  These are assessed on a case-by-case basis. Please note, spouses are not funded by MATRIX.

External Funding

  • Please include a list of external funding that will be applied for and/or received for this program (eg: AMSI funding for support of embedded workshops and associated activities) along with a list of the applicants’ name and the approximate amount that will be sponsored.
Final Checklist for Program Organisers: Essential items of a proposal as described above include, but are not limited to:
  • Organisers, including their affiliations.
  • Proposed dates of program.
  • Abstract – considering the aims of MATRIX.
  • Outline, goals and objectives of the research program.
  • A balanced list of (highly) desired and confirmed participants with affiliations, email addresses and intended time of visit.
  • A draft of the program structure, including total length and embedded events such as a conference component (if applicable)
  • Program budget – including listing external funds that will be applied for and any other budgetary requirements.

Expression of interest submission guidelines

If completing an Expression of Interest (EOI), the EOI will need to identify key potential participants of an exciting research area in the mathematical sciences, point to important international developments in the field and/or potential for industry collaboration. If there are other sources of income to be expected or targeted then these would normally be mentioned in the EoI. An EOI can be submitted as a one‐page document.

All proposed program applications will be reviewed by the MATRIX Scientific Committee. The committee meets in May and November of each year. The outcome of your proposed program application will be communicated to you by the Executive Officer within three weeks of the meeting.

If you have any further questions about the process or in relation to this form, please contact The MATRIX Office or by telephone, 61 + 8344 4750.