Media Release / 1 February 2021

Boost for fundamental mathematical research with Simons Foundation Grant to MATRIX

MATRIX, Australia’s residential research institute for the mathematical sciences, is pleased to announce the award of US$600,000 over three years in funding from the US based Simons Foundation through its Targeted Grants to Institutes program to support fundamental research in the mathematical sciences, a clear recognition of MATRIX as the main infrastructure for mathematical sciences research collaboration in Australia and the Asia-Pacific.

“Advances in mathematics and statistics drive progress and change the way we see the world. This international award is a recognition of the quality of mathematical sciences research in Australia and the value that MATRIX adds by facilitating collaborations that contribute to solutions for global problems,” says MATRIX Director Jan de Gier.

“By its very nature, the impact of mathematical problem solving tends to be long-term. Bringing brilliant and creative minds from across the globe together through residential research institutes is internationally recognised as the optimal way to deepen mathematical knowledge and stimulate innovative thinking on specific problems.”

“One can only imagine what may evolve by bringing world-leading mathematicians into the room with Australian students and innovators.”

MATRIX is a national partnership between the University of Melbourne, Monash University and the Australian National University, with the University of Queensland and the ARC Centre of Excellence for Mathematical and Statistical Frontiers as Associate Members. The Simons Foundation was established by Jim Simons who is the founder of the hedge fund Renaissance Technologies which manages the world’s most successful investment fund Medallion.

“The new alliance with the Simons Foundation is an enormous opportunity for Australia,” says Professor de Gier.

For further information, contact: Tom Keegan (MATRIX Executive Officer), Phone: +61 3 8344 1343, Email: