Harmonic Analysis and Dispersive PDEs: Problems and Progress

David Wood

  •  3 Feb 2020 - 7 Feb 2020
     8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Zihua Guo (Monash University)
Ji Li (Macquarie University)
Kenji Nakanishi (Kyoto University)
Wenhui Shi (Monash University)

Program Description: 
This workshop will bring to Australia a number of top-flight researchers in harmonic analysis and dispersive partial differential equations from the US, Europe, and Asia. Its focused nature and moderate size will provide ample opportunities for Australian and international researchers to discuss recent progress and new challenges in the field and to build up new collaborations. This interaction and the associated networking will be particularly valuable for PhD students and ECRs. Moreover, we expect several of the international participants to extend their time in Australia beyond the workshop itself in order to collaborate with Australian researchers. The workshop will also raise the overseas profile of Australian research, continuing to build on Australia’s historical strength in this

Program Structure: 
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Note: actual times may differ slightly and things may change as the workshop approaches

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Adam Sikora (Macquarie University)
Andrew Hassel (Australian National University)
Brett D. Wick (Washington University in Saint Louis)
Chuhee Cho (Seoul National University)
Chunyan Huang (Central University of Finance and Economics)
Jacob Shapiro (Australian National University)
Jan Rozendaal (Mathematical Sciences Institute/Australian National University)
Ji Li (Macquarie University)
Kenji Nakanishi (Kyoto University)
Lifeng Zhao (University of Science and Technology of China)
Lixin Yan (Sun Yat-sen University)
Loredana Lanzani (Syracuse University)
Luca Fanelli (Università di Roma “La Sapienza”)
Melissa Tacy (University of Otago)
Pierre Portal (Australian National University)
Sanghyuk Lee (Seoul National University)
Satoshi Masaki (Osaka University)
Sebastian Herr (Bielefield University)
Soonsik Kwon (KAIST)
Timothy Candy (University of Otago)
Wenhui Shi (Monash University)
Xing Cheng (Hohai University)
Xuan Duong (Macquarie University)
Yoshio Tsutsumi (Kyoto Univeristy)
Zihua Guo (Monash University)
Stephen Deng (Monash University)

MATRIX Wine and Cheese Afternoon 4 February 2020
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