Spatio-temporal stochastic systems in biology

David Wood

  •  15 Jul 2018 - 20 Jul 2018
     8:00 am - 5:00 pm

This program is supported by the Lei Xing fund to support interdisciplinary and international collaborative research in the mathematical sciences.

Organisers: Mark Flegg (Monash University), Kevin Burrage (Queensland University of Technology), Ruth Baker (University of Oxford), Samuel Isaacson (Boston University), Hans Othmer (University of Minnesota)

Program Description:
This one-week workshop will be a research and collaboration intensive workshop in the area of stochastic systems in biology with a focus on spatio-temporal systems. Systems which are characterized by substantial intrinsic noise are common in biology as these systems often operate at various spatial and time scales. Example biosystems include, but are not limited to, biomolecular systems, multicellular systems and ecological systems. The study of these systems is becoming increasingly popular with the explosion of technology and data that can be obtained and this presents many challenges in mathematics; computational, theoretical and logistical. We encourage the attendance of graduate students and ECRs and will be holding a short series of primer lectures/tutorials on the first day to help facilitate entry into the field. We shall have presentations from a number of international guest speakers but focus mainly on research intensive group discussions to help identify the major challenges for the future of the field.

Program Details and Materials:
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  • Deadline: 20 May 2018
  • Registration is by invitation only
  • Graduate students and ECRs are encouraged to participate. Limited places are available. To apply, please send through your CV and covering letter to Mark Flegg (

Participant list:
Mark Flegg (Monash University)
Hans Othmer (Uni of Minnesota)
Samuel Isaacson (Boston University)
Steve Andrews (Seattle University)
Radek Erban (University of Oxford)
Karen Lipkow (University of Cambridge)
Ruth Williams (University of California, San Diego, Dept of Mathematics)
Christopher Angstmann (University of New South Wales)
Catherine Pennington (Macquarie University)
Tatiana Marquez (University of Alabama)
Andre Leier (University of Alabama)
Ramon Grima (University of Edinburgh)
Satya Arjunan (RIKEN)
Shev Macnamara (University of Technology Sydney)
Ana Victoria Ponce Bobadilla (Heidelberg University)
Ash Khan (RMIT University)
Casper Beentjes (University of Oxford)
Daniel Wilson (University of Oxford)
James Cavallo (Monash University)
Bartosz Bartmanski (Oxford University)
Adrien Coulier (Uppsala University)
Brodie Lawson (Queensland University of Technology)
Stuart Johnston (University of Melbourne)



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