Symmetry for Group Actions in Differential Geometry

David Wood

  •  23 May 2022 - 27 May 2022
     8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Emma Carberry (University of Sydney)
Michael Eastwood (University of Adelaide)
Carolyn Gordon (Dartmouth College)
Joseph Wolf (University of California, Berkeley)

Program Description: 
This research program will bring together differential geometers with a particular emphasis on symmetry. On the one hand, geometry gives rise to symmetry, for example as isometry groups, controlled by curvature and topology. Conversely, Lie groups can be used to construct examples of highly symmetrical geometries. We have in mind both classical Riemannian geometry with global invariants, especially the spectrum of the Laplacian and harmonic maps, but also other natural geometric structures including Lorentzian, Finsler, projective, parabolic, and CR geometry where there are many local classification results and problems concerning geometries with a high degree of symmetry. Many of these structures have strong links with physics, optimisation, control theory, and integrable systems. We will have a diverse group of participants, having in common a strong interest in symmetry.

Program Structure:

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Participant list
Rod Gover (University of Auckland)
Xavier Coulter (Univiersity of Auckland)
Yang Shi (Flinders university)
Yuri Nikolayevsky (La Trobe University)
Artem Pulemotov (University of Queensland)
Ian Marquette (University of Queensland)
Peter Van Der Kamp (La Trobe University)
Tim Buttsworth (University of Queensland)
Emma Carberry (University of Sydney)
Michael Eastwood (University of Adelaide)
Thomas Leistner (University of Adelaide)
Federico Costanza (University of Adelaide)
Joseph Wolf (University of California at Berkeley)
Holger Dullin (University of Sydney)
Sean Gasiorek (University of Sydney)
Danilo Latini (University of Queensland)


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