The Impact of Donations

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The Impact of Donations

The Impact of Donations

MATRIX appreciates all kinds of donations. Large or small, they help to expand the impact of mathematics research and discovery. Do you know who benefits from a donation to MATRIX? Through generosity, donors support our themed research programs by providing access and opportunities for PhD students, women, young researchers, and under-represented groups.

Support for families

The MATRIX Family Fund and the MATRIX-Simons International Family Fund lower the barrier to participation in MATRIX research programs for visiting researchers with carer responsibilities, such as researchers with underage children (primary school age and below).

Donor support goes a long way to providing full or partial funding for family-friendly accommodation and childcare services.

Recent visitors to MATRIX, Creswick have been Kostinatyn, Svitlana and Zoia (photo on the left) from Ukraine and Travis, Rebecca & Sophia (photo on the right) from Sydney.  Both families spent time at MATRIX in November, collaborating on the “Mathematics of Risk” – addressing aspects of mathematical modelling and analysis of risks related to the financial industry.

Family Ralchenko – Kostinatyn, Svitlana and Zoia from Ukraine
Family Ralchenko – Kostinatyn, Svitlana and Zoia from Ukraine
Family Monk – Travis, Rebecca & Sophia from Sydney

PhD students lead their own research symposia

MATRIX and the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI) host PhD student-led research symposia, which have attracted 253 participants to date from across Australia and internationally. This has included people from a diverse range of backgrounds, at all career stages, as well as external participants from business, industry, and government. The focus of each symposium is on exchanging ideas, collaboration and building relationships between peers. In this newsletter, we feature interviews with two students who co-organised successful PhD symposia at MATRIX, in 2022.

Donor support has helped students with the costs of accommodation, meals, and travel.

MATRIX thanks you

We wish to acknowledge and thank our valued donors and supporters. With your generosity you have made real difference to students and early career researchers who are pursuing world-changing mathematical research.

We will continue to work in partnership with you – our donors and supporters – to provide support to women and young researchers, especially from disadvantaged backgrounds, by removing barriers to participation in research collaboration and strengthen local and global networks in the mathematical sciences.

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