2017 MATRIX Annals

The 2017 MATRIX Annals, the second book in the MATRIX Book Series, documents scientific activities at MATRIX in 2017. Pre-publication versions of the articles in the book are posted below as they become available. The expected publication date is mid-2018.

Refereed Articles

Integrability in Low-Dimensional Quantum Systems

Zoltan Bajnok, Chao Wu.
Diagonal form factors from non-diagonal ones.

Sang Kwan Choi, Chaiho Rim, Hwajin Um.
Narayana number, Chebyshev polynomial and Motzkin path on RNA abstract shapes.

Gyorgy Z. Feher, Alexandr Garbali, Jan de Gier and Kareljan Schoutens.
A curious mapping between supersymmetric quantum chains.

Atsuo Kuniba.
Remarks on An(1) face weights.

Other Contributed Articles

Hypergeometric Motives and Calabi−Yau Differential Equations

Frits Beukers.
Fields of definition of finite hypergeometric functions.

David Broadhurst, David P. Roberts.
L-series and Feynman integrals.

Eric Delaygue.
Arithmetic properties of hypergeometric mirror maps and Dworks congruences.

Sharon Frechette, Holly Swisher, Fang-Ting Tu.
Appell-Lauricella hypergeometric functions over finite fields, and a new cubic transformation formula.

Dermot McCarthy, Robert Osburn, Armin Straub.
Sequences, modular forms and cellular integrals.

Ling Long, Ravi Ramakrishna.
Some supercongruences for truncated hypergeometric series.

David P. Roberts.
The explicit formula and a motivic splitting.

David P. Roberts, Fernando Rodriguez Villegas.
Hypergeometric supercongruences.

Charles Doran, Tyler Kelly, Adriana Salerno, Steven Sperber, John Voight, Ursula Whitcher.
Alternate mirror families and hypergeometric motives.

Abdellah Sebbar.
Schwarzian equations and equivariant functions.

Jenny Fuselier, Ling Long, Ravi Ramakrishna, Holly Swisher, and Fang-Ting Tu.
Hypergeometric functions over finite fields.

Ling Long, Fang-Ting Tu, Noriko Yui, Wadim Zudilin.
Supercongruences occurred to rigid hypergeometric type Calabi-Yau threefolds.

Fernando Rodriguez Villegas.
p-adic hypergeometrics.

Masha Vlasenko.
On p-adic unit-root formulas.

John Voight.
Triangular modular curves.

Mark Watkins.
Jacobi sums and Hecke Grossencharacters.

Yifan Yang.
Special values of hypergeometric functions and periods of CM elliptic curves.

Duco van Straten.
CY-operators and L-functions.