Algebraic Geometry, Approximation and Optimisation

Jan de Gier

  • 5 February 2018 - 16 February 2018
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Organisers: Enrico Carlini (Politecnico di Torino), Jochen Garcke (University of Bonn), Wolfgang Hackbusch (Max Planck Institute), Markus Hegland (Australian National University), Vera Roshchina (RMIT University), Nadezda Sukhorukova (Swinburne University of Technology), Julien Ugon (Federation University Australia), David Smyth (Australian National University).

Program Description:
There has been notable success in applying the tools of algebraic geometry to a selection of approximation and optimisation problems. In optimisation, a whole new field of convex algebraic geometry has emerged based on the ideas of semidefinite programming relaxations of polynomial problems pioneered by J.-B. Lasserre. However, some notoriously difficult problems are still open, for instance, the optimisation problems arising from multivariate polynomial approximation, and Smale’s 7th problem, need new approaches that combine approximation, optimisation and algebraic geometry. The work in numerical analysis and approximation has been motivated by the success of low rank matrix approximations based on the matrix singular value decomposition which is related to principal component analysis. Yet, these perspective have seldom been combined into a unified approach, but experts have largely been working in parallel. This workshop aims at bringing together these alternative perspective from all three areas to develop collaborative investigations of these problems.


  • Deadline: 5 December 2017
  • Registration is by invitation only


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